About Us

At Green Tree Flooring we are a family run company with a combined 28 years of experience between the two owners. No matter the size of job, it is Green Tree Floorings determination to offer the same service and satisfaction to all clients. A frequently asked question from clients is “What type of finish is best?” This is a very important question seeing as it directly impacts not only the initial look of your floor but also the longevity of your floor. This is why we use only the hardest finishes available. There are several benefits to Bona’s line of finishing chemicals. Click here further information on Bona chemicals.

  1. There line of finishes are Green Guard Approved for indoor air quality, which means there is no need for You to vacate your house during process.
  2. The third and final top coat is dry within three hours, this allows the finish to dry incredibly smooth, and allows you if need be to walk on it in sock feet.
  3. The cure time is a fraction as long as other oil finishes. With in 48 hours it has cured 75 percent, and furniture can be placed back the rooms. Within seven days the finish has cured 100 percent, reaching its full hardness. In comparison the best oil finishes take at least two weeks up to one month to reach its full hardness, allowing time for it to be damaged easily in that time period.
  4. The best reason as to why we use this line of finishes, is that it is simply harder then anything else on the market, and when we walk away from a job there is no concern as to the quality or durability of the products we use. Click here to view the Taber Abrasion Test.