There are many reasons to install a wood floor in ones home, and whether your reason is:
A) To raise the value of your home,
B) To have a cleaner surface for your family, or
C) To simply make a change, there are many options you have. At Green Tree Flooring we install most domestic and imported woods, both prefinished and bare. We specialize in reclaimed antique boards.

Reclaimed Antique Pine

Knots, nail holes, and hairline cracks make this beautiful light to dark honey brown antique floor a great choice for any one.

Reclaimed Antique Hemlock

This well grained floor has a lot of charm. Dark knots and markings help amplify the deep patina in this unique country floor.

Reclaimed Antique Ash

Nicely grained lighter grained hardwood flooring. It has smaller knots, distress lines, and is perfect for brightening up a dark or small room. It has a similar grain pattern to oak.

Reclaimed Antique Beech

There is a great color variation in this wood, from a mellowed ivory to a lighter brown with reddish tints. It is a lightly grained antique floor that is durable and hold up well under heavy traffic.

Reclaimed Antique Chestnut

As a result of distressing over time this is a darker antique floor. With its beautiful grain and knots it provides a warm look that will become a highlight of your home.

Reclaimed Antique Elm

From Bulrush brown to the yellow jasper of fall reeds, this floor will delight all. It is highly durable under heavy abuse that will last years to come and is a great wood for families.

Reclaimed Antique Maple

A popular wood for its durability and darker antique appearance, it has defined grains and color. Century charm and tradition will be enjoyed by all, and make you the envy of your visitors.

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