Whether your floors have become dull and scratched over time, or you simply desire a Fresh New look, Refinishing is always a great economical and Green choice. The wood is already there and we can make it look beautiful once again for you. At Green Tree Flooring we pride ourselves on the End results, we want your floor to reach its full potential whether it’s a domestic or imported wood, natural or stained finish.

Painted and Antique

Pulling back the carpet and finding Rough, Painted, Dirty old wood floors is like discovering treasure in your own home. People can pay Tens of thousands to install what you already have. So don’t let the condition its in now, to discourage you to the potential of what you rely have. The rougher the floor is, the better it will look when we are done with it. At Green Tree Flooring we specialize in antique and painted floors.

When it comes to staining wood, we choose to custom mix our stains on site, and when possible in front of our clients. Our reason for doing this is simple…. choosing a stain colour that will compliment your space can be a difficult decision, and much like how a paint swatch can look very different on your walls when applied, the same is true with stain colours on different types of wood, as well as, grades of wood. We start with a base colour and apply in a sanded section of your floor to see how the wood grain takes it, and whether or not you would like to make adjustments. We can help by offering you suggestions with stain colours, but at the end of the day we will adjust it until you are satisfied.

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This process involves smoothing out and removing the top layer of finish so that an additional coat will adhere properly to the remaining ones. Any light surface scuffs and scratches are removed, however any deep scratches through the finish coats down to the wood will not be removed and will appear darker after the buffing process.

This process should be used only if the floor is still in good condition and has not been worn through to the wood, and has never been waxed.

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